José Manuel Manteca Merino

José Manuel Manteca: EN-ES translator

Some details about myself

My name is José Manuel Manteca, and I am a localizer born in the Cantabrian city of Santander and living in Madrid.  However, Cantabria —or the tierruca, as we call it— is always on my mind. I am also a nerd of computer science, history and languages. The latter led me to the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid to study the degree in Translation and Interpreting. Therefore, translation has always been a very important part of my life.

As a result, my passion for computer science took to me to the Universidad Alfonso X El Sabio to undertake the Postgraduate Course in Automatic Translation, Localization and Audiovisual Translation. Back then, I began spending many of spare hours “messing around” those legacy versions of the first CAT tools available. Sometimes, I even lost track of time. That curiosity, far from diminishing, is still alive in me many years after college. It has also shaped my professional profile over time. Consequently, nowadays most of my daily work is very similar to that of a localization engineer and not translation work. This is because I am constantly helping my clients with all their doubts or requests related to CAT tools.

However, since there are other things in life apart from work, I am trying to learn Chinese. In addition, I like to write and read about several topics. Nevertheless, what I enjoy the most is to take long walks that help me connect with nature. And I do also feel the urge to make up (yes, I said “make up”) jokes in almost any situation. Nonetheless, there are many people who would probably say that these jokes are very far from funny.

If you  have read up to his point and still would like to learn more things about me, please feel free check out my blog, my Twitter account, my LinkedIn profile or send me an email to